Oiy, another day of moodiness…
Just waiting for a call from the nurse to start on remicade…i’m hoping i’m one of the fortunate ones that go in remission within a few rounds…hopefully not one that has a severe reaction…i think it makes it worse being a nurse working adn caring for people with severe sepsis, chf and other of the bad reactions…


Raging Bitch~

Yah, that’s what i am, a raging, hormonal, crazed bitch. The high doses of the prednisone is driving me crazy. I’m not getting any relief from the pain, i’m only getting super mad at everything. I don’t have patience…i’m so easily agitated and want to scream at EVERYONE and Everything! I’m so upset at how i feel i’m tempted to just wean off VERY quickly, because i don’t like how i feel. This rollercoaster of moods is really getting to me….ugh~

Aside from this, i have immersed myself in the soo..k..ie…St..ack..house books (t.ru.eb.l00d ser.ies) I’m what i would call addicted to them now. They certainly don’t have me loving them as much as Tw.,il.ight, but nonetheless they are a good read with some much needed raunch scenes in them 🙂

So Tired!~

As my title of the post says…I’m exhausted!
I started this journal back when i was preggo with my 4th, I also journaled about my crohn’s disease and how often i had flare ups and my treatments and whatnot.

Well about 6 weeks ago, i relapsed into another wonderful flare up of my guts. I was on prednisone 50mg, and then tapered. Of course this time in 5 weeks it didn’t get any better. Now my hgb is in the low 90’s, I’m insanely tired. I”m off work on sick leave for a couple of weeks. I am seeing a new GI guy at work. He works internal med, so we have him admit cardiac pts. He’s so nice, so he’s easy to talk to that ‘s for sure.
Basically, he’s diagnosed me with crohn’s/colitis. Yep, leave it to me to have both…and said that i’m steroid dependant which isn’t helping for the moment. So he gave me 3 options. Imuran, methotrexate or go to remicade or humira. The side effects from all are bad, but of course not treating properly is bad too. (in bad i mean cancer causing, rare form of lymphoma) So feeling as ill as i am, walking around like talking dead, i’ve opted for remicade. I haven’t started it yet, just waiting to have my CT and CXR done. I’m scared of course, but the imuran would take another 3 months before i may feel better. I can’t go on like this much longer. Anyway, sorry about the whiney post, just for my records and whatever.