Since i’ve been introduced to highspeed/wireless….i can’t believe how i survived without it!
I think that now we have it i may start blogging more….something that i miss doing..just didn’t have the patience for it..when i had crap-dial-up. I spent alot of time yesterday catching up on old blogs….lots of people are having babies again!

Just have a few days off….i take my NRP course on’s just a one day thing…then in about 2 weeks the NICU course will start…I can’t wait for that…of course nothing in my life is simple…i have an interview for a assistant manager position on the 10th…..I want the NICU course…because that’s where i’ve always wanted to work…but the assistant job would be great too…just the hours….no weekends…holidays off…but with NICU…there”s always 4 -5 days off in a row…oooohhh the decisions….right now..i know nothing more about this other than the interview….i haven’t gotten the offer so that is what i am going with…continue the course that i was fortunate to get accepted into and do the interview…there are only 3 people they are interviewing…so i have a fairly good chance at it….. it’s a presentation for 10minutes….i hate presentations but i’ll do my best and give it a go!

Anyway, not much else here other than snow and more snow…we had such a great winter so far and than bam last week got some it’s super cold…anyway…will post again soon.


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  1. Carolyn
    Feb 03, 2010 @ 14:02:49

    I don’t know how you made it with out highspeed for so long. When we visit Mark’s folks with their slow connection, we just don’t bother. Unfortunately you won’t be able to do without it now since there is no going back 🙂

    Things are sure moving and shaking with your job stuff, I hope you get your NICU like you want. I’m still in the OR, but just casual which is great minus the lack of benefits. Your kiddies are sure getting big too. Glad you’re back!


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