Here’s the newest pic of my little one. I’ll put it up with and without the writing, so you can make out what you are seeing.

Big news we finally sold our house! Yay, and just in time we are supposed to start the house within the next 3 weeks.

Other than that not much going on, had a retarded day at work, started out with a code blue, lady crashed just as I was getting on shift, nice. Then my day was a chaotic from there, I was on meds, and i think EVERYONE had IV meds, potassium bolus, TPN, 5 new admissions in 1 hr, it was just a tad bit crazy for my liking, I so wished I were in bed. But made it through, and get to do it all over again tomorrow!


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  1. Lisanne
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 01:03:00

    Aww ~ your little guy is handsome! 🙂


  2. Emma in Canada
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 02:03:00

    That baby has the cutest nose ever!


  3. my4kids
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 21:05:00

    Awww I love the ultrasound pics like that!
    Yeah on selling the house!


  4. AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC
    Oct 14, 2007 @ 21:04:00

    He’s gonna be a doll. But, I think you knew that. And, just remember, you will get a big break from work fairly soon!


  5. Chas
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 03:17:00

    Love seeing the baby pics!!


  6. Carolyn
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 16:27:00

    Cute baby! I can’t believe your work day. Seriously, 5 admissions in one hour? Let me guess, was it right around shift change time? I’d be having some words the the charge nurse…


  7. Mrs G
    Oct 16, 2007 @ 02:50:00

    Wow, you get so many ultrasounds over there! In Australia the government only pays for one at 20 weeks unless there is a problem. So most healthy pregnancies only get to see their baby once before it is born.

    It has been 12 weeks since my 20 week one and I can’t imaging how much has changed in that time!

    Congrats on selling the house!

    When are you leaving work? I am still owrking too, but I sit down all day. You are amazing to be able to run around at work all day and then go home to a family! Well done.


  8. Lesley
    Oct 16, 2007 @ 02:57:00

    Wow, that’s an amazing U/S. As Mrs g said we only get one at around 20 weeks in a “normal” pregnancy in australia. You work too hard! Hope you rest just as hard..
    Hugs and take care.ok.


  9. Ashley
    Oct 18, 2007 @ 05:16:00

    Awwww, what a good picture! I have missed checking your blog ….. so much has happened! My sister is 35 weeks today – she went to the dr and she is already 2cm. Good Luck with the house!


  10. Becca
    Oct 18, 2007 @ 22:20:00

    Oh my goodness he’s precious!


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