Hello again….

Just off of a night shift, thought I would drop a pic of the children…


I’m back!

That’s my oldest jumping in our pool. The summer has been absolutely amazing so far….spend our days swimming in the pool really. the kids are great all getting big…. going in grades 9, 5 and 4 and ava is 4 and nolan is 2 1/2. time is certainly going quick.

Workwise…i’m in NICU now…loving it.. what’s not to enjoy…it’s transitional, intermediate and intensive all in one…mostly the babies we have are transitional which is great..i love that i can rock and feed a baby and get paid to do it…i am hoping and praying i get a permanent position in there, but for now i’m going to enjoy my time that i have…i still do the odd shift in icu and ccu. well i will write again soon.

The children are getting better, still has a bit of a cold, but croup is definately gone. I however have their cold now 😦

I just finished my interview presentation that i have on wednesday..i don’t really feel that it is very good, but whatever, i have it my best shot. My weakness is definately lack of confidence in my writing skills.

work is going well, i’m back tomorrow for 4…oh well….hopefully i’ll hear about a start date for my NICU course within the next week.

The last 2 nights have been fun-filled with croup…both the babies had it. Poor Ava…everytime she would fall asleep..she’d wake herself up coughing….and the sound…oh my….it would scare the crap out of her…then she would say that she felt she couldn’t breathe…then out on the step we would go….2am….3am….5am…then finally i gave up to my bed and let her father take over the shift…i stayed with Nolan..he’s much better to stay with…when he coughs he just goes back to sleep. Ava gets so anxious with it. Anyway….yesterday I got them a cool-mist humidifier and what a difference that made…i put it in with Ava last night and she slept all night and bam..croupy voice/cough is much improved today…maybe it’s just run its course but she sounds great and is in a much better mood.

Today marks my last day of vacation….:( i’m so sad..i don’t really want to go back to work tomorrow……they are saying it’s quite heavy there…i guess there are a few COPD-ers full of pneumonia, ventilated…so makes for a long shift….oh well….i’m crossing my fingers the neonatal course starts soon…there is an expected start date of the 22nd of feb. Oh i’m hoping…that’ll be so much easier on the back….

Since i’ve been introduced to highspeed/wireless….i can’t believe how i survived without it!
I think that now we have it i may start blogging more….something that i miss doing..just didn’t have the patience for it..when i had crap-dial-up. I spent alot of time yesterday catching up on old blogs….lots of people are having babies again!

Just have a few days off….i take my NRP course on Friday..it’s just a one day thing…then in about 2 weeks the NICU course will start…I can’t wait for that…of course nothing in my life is simple…i have an interview for a assistant manager position on the 10th…..I want the NICU course…because that’s where i’ve always wanted to work…but the assistant job would be great too…just the hours….no weekends…holidays off…but with NICU…there”s always 4 -5 days off in a row…oooohhh the decisions….right now..i know nothing more about this other than the interview….i haven’t gotten the offer so that is what i am going with…continue the course that i was fortunate to get accepted into and do the interview…there are only 3 people they are interviewing…so i have a fairly good chance at it….. it’s a presentation for 10minutes….i hate presentations but i’ll do my best and give it a go!

Anyway, not much else here other than snow and more snow…we had such a great winter so far and than bam last week got some snow..now it’s super cold…anyway…will post again soon.

Long Time no post…

Well it’s been ages since i last posted. What have we all been up to? Not too much…just about the same. The children are all getting so big now. Nolan just turned 2 in December. I will have to start blogging again now that we are actualy going to get highspeed access next week! yay!

With work, I am still working in CCU…. but I am taking a neonatal ICU course starting the first week of February…I’m so excited..the unit mgr told me this is my in to OBS/NICU…So happy! Anyway, i’m going to go now, and leave you all with some pictures. Enjoy!

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